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August 27, 2018

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August 6, 2017

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Fasted cardio.......say what!?

August 17, 2017


So, as quite a few of you will know I am going away this summer for a two week holiday to chill out in the sun. Nothing out of the ordinary there......lots of people do the same. However, I have been working very hard in the gym and on my nutrition to be in the best possible shape so that I, personally, Tim Courridge feels good when on the beach.


Now i have done well and have been very happy with my progress and reached a level of fitness that in all honesty I didn't believe was achievable when I first started. With the help of my personal trainer, Liam Smith and discipline which I never knew I had I have managed to reach and succeed my target. All good.....or so you would think. I say this because for me having seen the success, I have strived for more and in all fairness it has become a little bit of an addiction to the point I feel i have not had a good day if I haven't done something in the gym.


With this in mind I wondered how I could strip a little more fat before my holiday. I had seen people I follow on various social media sites mention 'Fasted cardio'. Now this, when i first saw were two words that scared me. Firstly.....fasted. That suggested no eating......I love food so this was a frightening prospect. Secondly......CARDIO! I have never been and i don't think i ever will be a huge fan of cardio. I prefer exercising in short bursts, whether it be through explosive push ups and dips as a finisher to a session or intervals on a rower or bike. Not knowing and feeling slightly worried about this 'Fasted Cardio' entailed I asked Liam. His reply 'Its basically exercising before you have eaten anything'. This sounded like a ridiculous idea. My normal pre gym routine would be wake up, have a strong coffee, pre workout (not always advised if consuming coffee....I think) and a banana. Not masses of food but something to get me going....a fuel for my session if you like. The idea of having nothing but water seemed odd and daunting however, I trust Liam as he has helped me immensely so I went with it. 


My first session arrived and I was worried. Worried I would feint or be sick through exhaustion. Needless to say this didn't happen. I ran for 30 minutes which was for an anti-cardio doer (made up term) a long period of time. I managed to run around 5k which I was surprised about. I didn't think I would cover that distance. Now obviously I am no Mo Farah but I had never actually ran that distance before....ever! After my run Liam suggested to really burn fat do some intervals......so me being me I tried it. On the rower, level 10......20 seconds as far as possible and 10 seconds rest. Do 8 intervals he said. I did it!! Not only did I do it I did 10 intervals and i set myself a target of completing at least 90 metres an interval. Not breaking any world records at all but it was tough after my run. If you get a chance just try doing the intervals on there own. Its a total rowing time of just over 3 minutes.....easy right? 


With my first session completed and under my belt it has now become a normal part of my training. Sometimes I will do just the fasted cardio in the morning and some days I will do that in the morning and a weights session in the afternoon or evening. 


Since doing the fasted cardio I have noticed a massive difference in terms of feeling and looking leaner. Now I know this may not work for everyone as everyone is different but it has definitely worked for me. I guess all that i am saying is don't be afraid to ask someone for help and advice or try something different to help reach your goal. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.....a variation of what Einstein quoted and it is so true. To achieve things you have to step outside of your comfort zone. This is what I did. What's the worst that can happen? It can work and you progress.....win. It doesn't work and you learn and try something else....win. There is nothing to lose by trying something different.



Thats it for now. Enjoy the rest of you week and keep moving forward.











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