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August 27, 2018

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August 6, 2017

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February 6, 2018

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5 Practical Tips For Fat Loss

March 18, 2018

Lets be honest, the large majority of you would love to shift some of our excess fat. There are lots of ideas about the best way to do this and 'diets' which can assist you in our quest to look and feel amazing. I am going to share with you 5 tips that if you apply them consistently the fat will fall off. How do I know this? I have myself gone from 'fat to fit'.


 This picture was taken in March 2017. I was overweight, blamed the world for what was happening, wasn't in control,had excuses for everything, in a rut and in a state of acceptance. Can you relate to this?



I had to make a change as we had the holiday of a lifetime booked and I wanted to look and feel amazing in my swimming trunks.




Having a focus helped me get my arse in gear and step outside my comfort zone.



Fast forward a year ...



Having applied the 5 tips I am going to share with you consistently, my body and mindset has transformed.



I have more energy, more positive in every aspect of my life, in control, proactive in finding solutions to problems and looking forward to helping people like you. 


You want to know how you can do and feel the same? There is no fad diet, no bullshit just advice that is proven.




Tip 1- Be in caloric deficit 


So what does this mean? Simply, you need to be burning more calories than you are consuming. There are many ways to over complicate but this is what it comes down to. The use of MyFitnessPal which is a free app is brilliant for this. Why? You put in YOUR measurements, YOUR goals, YOUR activity level and it tells you how many calories you should be having to reach your weekly weight loss goal. You track your food by entering it into your 'diary' either by scanning the bar code or searching for your food using the extensive search option. The app adds up all your calories and gives you a breakdown of your macro nutrients which are made up of carbohydrates, protein and fats. Do this consistently and you will achieve great things. If you require any help with this please get in touch and I will be willing to help




Tip 2 - Increase protein intake


So how can increasing your protein intake help? A high protein intake can help boost metabolism, reduce appetite and changes many of the weight regulating hormones. I recommend having protein with every meal. There are many  foods which are high in protein and readily available. These include: -chicken breast

                                                              - fish

                                                              - quorn

                                                              - eggs

                                                              - almonds

                                                              - cottage cheese

                                                              - milk

                                                              - turkey breast


These are just a few. You can also supplement your protein intake by using protein powders and bars.





Tip 3 - Do regular HIIT training sessions


HIIT training may sound intimidating to some of you but it really shouldn't as there is nothing to worry about. The beauty of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) is that you are in control of the intensity as you perform at your speed. Quite often you perform as many repetitions of an exercise you can in a set time. If you have seen Joe Wicks, The Body Coach in action he is more than likely to be doing a HIIT session. They last for a relatively short amount of time (anything from 15 to 30 minutes) and they are designed to use multiple muscle groups and get the heart working hard. Studies show that working at a high intensity for 15 minutes burns more calories then jogging on a treadmill for an hour. For more benefits of HIIT training check this out.




Tip 4 - Get enough sleep


This, believe it or not was something I found really difficult and still struggle with now. How can making sure you get at least 7 hours of sleep aid fat loss. Here is how.


When you don't sleep enough your cortisol levels increase. Cortisol is not your friend when you are trying to lose fat. This is because it is the stress hormone and is frequently associated with fat gain. Cortisol also triggers areas of the brain that make you want more food....not helpful. Added to this, a lack of sleep increases the levels of grehlin (see tip 2) which is what we are trying to reduce by increasing our protein intake. So all in all sleep is your friend when it comes to fat loss so get plenty of shut eye and if it means hitting the hay 30 minutes sooner do it. 




Tip 5 - Lift weights


Now I know what a lot of you will be thinking. If I lift weights I might get muscly and I don't want that. This isn't true because for you to 'get muscly' you would need to be in a caloric surplus and as I already said in tip 1 you need to be in a caloric deficit to lose fat and if you are then you have no worries about looking like Arnie. You will however become leaner and you will become stronger, fitter and healthier... sounds appealing to me.


So how does lifting weights help you lose fat? By working your muscles through a weight training program they will increase in size (not like Popeye) therefore they will burn more fuel. Simply larger muscles burn more calories and more fat. Added to this, your body and in particular muscles still burn fat after you have finished your session. This is known as term called Excess Post-exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). Studies have shown that a well designed weight training program can elevate your EPOC for up to 38 hours after a workout! Incredible right. So even on a so called rest day you can still be gaining the benefits of the weights you lifted the day before. Win win!! This doesn't happen when you do cardio training. You burn calories while you train but when you finish the calorie burning does as well. If you can get some weight training in.


I put this tip last purely because the first 4 can all be done without the use of a gym or any specific equipment.




So there you have it. 5 fab tips for fat loss. Now this doesn't mean if you do these for a couple of weeks you are going to end up looking lean. These need to be applied over a period of time and you need to be consistent to have success. 


If you have found this of value please feel free to share this with others. Over the next few blogs I will debunk some myths as there are quite a few. In the meantime go and do HIIT session, download myFitnessPal and start the fat burning process and get from 'Fat to Fit'.










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